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Dragon Ball Wiki is a community-generated website for the Shonen Jump anime and manga, featuring Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan. Movie - Dragon Ball Super: Broly is set to release in Japan on December 14, 2018 and in January in the US with plans for other countries to be revealed at a later date Dragon Ball Z's Japanese run was very popular with an average viewer ratings of 20.5% across the series. Dragon Ball Z also proved to be a rating success in the United States, as the premiere of Season Three of Dragon Ball Z in 1999, done by Funimation's in-house dub, was the highest-rated program ever at the time on Cartoon Network Moro removes his cloak. Moro appears as a large humanoid goat with front pointing horns on sides of his head. He appears very elderly, as he stands in a slouching-pose and has noticeable wrinkles with a scrawny, if not malnourished, frame, and a long white beard reaching his abdomen Dragon Ball Legends is a new game in the Dragon ball franchise.. With the chaos of the Tournament of Power behind them, life went on for the inhabitants of Universe 7. But their peace was short-lived...fighters from across the ages were soon drawn together for a timeline-splicing battle royale Dragonball Wikipedia. 5,303 likes. Episode. Everything gets so hairy that you can say that everything is a cat

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  1. A wiki dedicated to providing information about the video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse. What is Dragon Ball Xenoverse? Edit. Dragon Ball Xenoverse (ドラゴンボール ゼノバース, Doragon Bōru Zenobāsu) is a Dragon Ball game developed by Dimps for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows (via Steam.
  2. This is a wiki dedicated to providing information and strategy for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a fighting role playing game developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was released for PS4 and XBox One on October 25th 2016 in US, October 28th 2016 in..
  3. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site WatchGOT MarvelCard MCU Moments.
  4. Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru) is a Japanese manga series by Akira Toriyam.It was originally published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from 1984 to 1995, and the 519 chapters put into 42 volumes
  5. Dragonball Evolution is a low budget 2009 American live-action movie based on the Dragon Ball franchise being made by 20th Century Fox. The story follows the adventures of the lead character, Son Goku, around his 18th birthday. The movie began being made in 2002, and is directed,produced and written by James Wong. It was first released in.
  6. 『DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION』(ドラゴンボール・エボリューション、Dragonball Evolution/龍珠演変)は、アメリカ合衆国の映画作品。鳥山明の漫画作品『ドラゴンボール』を実写で映画化した作品である。監督はジェームズ・ウォン

For detailed information about this series, visit the Dragon Ball Wiki. A kid named Son Goku grows up, trains to be a strong fighter and eventually becomes the protector of the Earth along with his descendants: Gohan and Goten Dragon Ball Super é uma sequência para o mangá original Dragon Ball e a série de anime Dragon Ball Z, com o primeiro novo enredo em dezoito anos. [8] [9] Dragon Ball Super segue as aventuras do protagonista Goku e seus amigos, depois de derrotar Majin Buu e trazer paz para Terra mais uma vez

Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru?) é uma franquia de mídia japonesa criada por Akira Toriyama.Originalmente iniciada com uma série de mangá que foi escrita e ilustrada por Toriyama, teve os seus capítulos serializados na revista Weekly Shonen Jump de 1984 a 1995, com os seus 519 capítulos compilados em 42 volumes tankōbon e publicados pela editora Shueisha Template:Nihongo is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball metaseries created by Akira Toriyama. He is the adoptive grandson of Grandpa Gohan, the husband of Chi-Chi, the father of Gohan and Goten, the grandfather of Pan, and later great-great grandfather of Goku Jr. Goku is a defender of Earth.. dragon ball z 復活の「f」アニメコミックス(集英社、jump remix 2018年12月21日発売)isbn 978-4-08-113760-2 2017年10月から、劇場版『最強への道』までの劇場版17作品とTVアニメSP3作品のアニメコミックのデジタル版が配信されている [283] Media in category Dragon Ball The following 72 files are in this category, out of 72 total Welcome to the Dragon Ball FighterZ Wiki! Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 3v3 fighting game developed by Arc System Works based on the Dragon Ball franchise. As of now, we currently have 315 articles with 4,252 edits, and need all the help we can get

Dragon Ball Multiverse Wiki is a community-generated website for the Dōjinshi written by Salagir and based on Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball und Dragon Ball Z sind dabei die filmische Umsetzung des Manga, wobei Dragon Ball die Bände 1-17 (Kapitel 1-194) und Dragon Ball Z die Bände 17-42 (Kapitel 195-519) behandelt. Dragon Ball GT war hingegen von Anfang an als reiner Anime konzipiert und besitzt keine Manga-Vorlage Welcome! Welcome to Dragon Ball Online Wiki The wiki about Dragon Ball Online that anyone can edit. 864 articles since December 28, 2008. Contents (view all pages) What's new with Dragon Ball Online March 2010 Update More updates have been announced that will bring the game to version .90.38..

A Dragon Ball Z-t az induló Shounen Jump amerikai változatában folytatták, 2003 januárjától. Ezzel párhuzamban a Viz Media kiadta mind a 42 kötetet angolul. A Viz Media átnevezte a manga második részét Dragon Ball Z-re, hogy csökkentsék a zűrzavart Észak-Amerikában. A sorozatot az Egyesült Királyságban a Gollancz Manga adta ki This wiki is a mess. More than half the character pages do not exist, the ones that do lack artworks, and the summon pages are all missing. Plus, the tier list is incomplete, story events and scout battles are incomplete These additions are known as fan fictions, or fanons. Started in 2008, Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki is designed so that anyone can edit and add their own Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and/or Dragon Ball GT fan fiction and read other people's fan fictions. We accept almost all kinds of fan fiction, no matter what the content is WELCOME to Dragon Ball AF WikiThe wiki about the doujinshi Dragon Ball AF that anyone can edit. Currently we have 82 articles and we're still growing since June 2009!. Welcome to the Dragon Ball AF Wiki This Wiki has been made to give information about Toyble's and Young Jijii's Dragon Ball AF.. The Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki, Hey there! This wiki is for all you Dragon Ball fans out there! You can post anything Dragon Ball related, whether it would be canon or content made by fans, you can add it here on Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki. If you need help with anything feel free to ask our administrators

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  1. DRAGON BALL NEW AGE (ドラゴンボールニューエイジ Doragon Bōru Nyu-Eiji), often abbreviated as DBNA, is an online doujinshi (fan-manga) currently hosted on Deviant Art, as well as ComicFury, as a continuation of the wildly popular Dragon Ball franchise, under a disclaimer
  2. Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese anime series that serves as the direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z. It aired in Japan on Fuji TV from July 5, 2015 to March 25, 2018; lasting 131 episodes. In North America, Funimation licensed the series and is producing an English dub
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  4. Dragon Ball Super là phần Dragon Ball hoàn toàn mới do chính tác giả viết. Bối cảnh của 7 viên ngọc rồng siêu cấp là sau khi Son Goku đánh bại Majin Buu nguy hiểm, hòa bình đã trở về trái đất một lần nữa
  5. Vegeta (ベジータ, Bejīta), or Prince Vegeta is the Prince of the fallen Saiyan race, one of the main antagonists but later on, one of the of the major protagonists in the Dragon Ball Z series, and arch rival to Goku
  6. Between the end of Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball GT, Videl's hair grows back to its length, reaching her hips and is done up in a long braid. In Dragon Ball Super, Videl is first seen with her current chin-length hair and has had it ever since. She originally sported a pink sweater-dress that reached her upper thighs, with a red stripe around.

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  1. Oozaru is a fictional transformation in the world of Dragonball, seen in Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT.The transformation evolved in role from being a transformation available only to Son Goku in the original Dragonball, to a transformation frequently used by the race of Saiyans in Dragonball Z and GT
  2. Dragon Ball (DB)- ja Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) -animet perustuvat kumpikin alkuperäiseen Dragon Ball -mangaan. Dragon Ball -sarja loppui mangassa nro. 17, kunnes Piccolo oli voitettu. Siten animessa the Saiyan Saga on ensimmäinen saaga Dragon Ball Z:ssa. DB seuraa Gokun seikkailuja tämän varttuessa lapsesta aikuiseksi
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  4. A Dragonball: Evolúció (eredeti címén Dragonball Evolution) 2009-ben bemutatott amerikai akciófilm, amely a japán Dragon Ball című manga alapján készült. Rendezője James Wong, producere Stephen Chow, főszereplői pedig Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Jamie Chung, Emmy Rossum, Park Joon Hyung és Chow Yun-fa
  5. Là trang web tổng hợp thông tin chuyên sâu về mọi khía cạnh trong Dragon Ball, do cộng đồng fan gây dựng và phát triển. Các bài viết trên Wiki được các thành viên sưu tập, dịch từ nhiều nguồn uy tín, chính xác, đáng tin cậy
  6. For detailed information about this series, see: Dragon Ball Wiki Dragon Ball is a manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1984 to 1995 with the 519 individual chapters also being published into 42 Tankobon volumes by Shueisha

Dragon Ball Z Abridged is the title of TeamFourStar's abridged series based on the Dragon Ball Z anime. This abridged series is one of the most successful series created in'08-'09 and is featured on That Guy with The Glasses official website under "Inked Reality" Goku (孫 悟空, Son Gokū), born Kakarot (カカロット'Kakarotto'), is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball metaseries created by Akira Toriyama. He is the adoptive grandson of Grandpa Gohan, the youngest son of Bardock and Gine, the younger brother of Raditz, the husband of Chi-Chi, the father of Gohan..

Villains from Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series. Villains from Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series Dragon Ball Movie Complete Collection. All four Dragon Ball movies are available in one collection! Curse of the Blood Rubies, Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle, Mystical Adventure, and The Path to Power James Wong adapts the rich mythos of the Dragonball series that grew from a manga into various popular animated series with this 20th Century Fox production starring Justin Chatwin. The plot. Zarbon eventually transforms, but his power is not enough to defeat a healed Vegeta, and he is killed in the battle. Appearances in other media. Zarbon has appeared as a playable character in numerous video games, some of which include Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, and Ultimate Battle 22

Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール Doragon Bōru?, letteralmente Sfera del drago in inglese) è un manga scritto e illustrato da Akira Toriyama.Serializzato originariamente sulla rivista Weekly Shōnen Jump dal 1984 al 1995, i singoli capitoli sono stati poi raccolti in quarantadue volumi tankōbon, pubblicati dal 1985 al 1995 da Shūeisha Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball bercerita tentang seorang bocah bernama Goku yang hidup di tengah gunung sendirian. Dia lalu bertemu dengan Bulma, seorang gadis muda genius, yang berusaha mengumpulkan 7 bola ajaib yang katanya bisa mengabulkan semua keinginan Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Find videos about your topic by exploring Wikia's Video Library. Dragonball absalon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wiki Dragon Ball is the first of several anime adaptations of the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Produced by Toei Animation, the series spans 153 episodes (Episode 140 was delayed by the death of Emperor Shōwa in 1989), and covers the first 194 chapters of the 519 chapter manga series

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 3v3 fighting game developed by Arc System Works based on the Dragon Ball franchise. It utilises the same graphical stylings as the Guilty Gear Xrd series by using 3D models to simulate 2D art, except it runs on Unreal Engine 4 as opposed to Guilty Gear Xrd, which runs on Unreal Engine 3 Dragon Ball (Japanese: ドラゴンボール, Hepburn: Doragon Bōru) is a Japanese manga series written an illustratit bi Akira Toriyama. References [ eedit | eedit soorce ] ↑ Dragon Ball Super TV Anime Debuts on July 5

Welcome to our wiki that is dedicated to everything about the universe of Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama.This wiki aims to archive Dragon Ball and all related material as accurately as possible Στην Ελλάδα τα Dragon Ball και Dragon Ball Z προβαλλόταν στον ANT1 κάθε Σαββάτο και Κυριακή, επίσης η σειρά Dragon Ball Z παιζόταν για λίγο το 2010-11 και στο Star, στο Mega και στο Super το 2017, με μεταγλώττιση που συχνά.

Enjoy the next chapter in the saga of this legendary warrior with Dragon Ball: Season Two! Amazon.com. The second season of the hit fantasy Dragon Ball concludes the story line involving pint-sized Emperor Pilaf and focuses on Goku's battles with the nasty officers of the Red Ribbon Army. The evil General Red wants the magic Dragon Balls to. Power Levels of dragon ball z official (up to DBS). after the buu saga, powers are based on Theory and multipliers DRAGON BALL CLÁSSIC Goku (孫悟空 Son Gokū) is the main character of the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z,Dragon Ball GT & Dragon Ball AF, and is a pure blood Saiyan.He is the husband of Chi-Chi, the father of Gohan, Goten, and Xicor, the grandfather of Pan, and later, the great-great grandfather of Goku Jr I samme år, som tv-serien Dragon Ball sluttede, startede den nye tv-serie Dragon Ball Z, som er en adaptation af 17. til 42. bind af mangaen. Dragon Ball Z indeholder flere originale afsnit som ikke er med i den oprindelige serie end den første anime. Efter at Dragon Ball-mangaen afsluttedes, udkom Dragon Ball GT i 1997. Dragon Ball GT er en.

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Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama.It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 through 1995; later the 519 individual chapters were published into 42 tankōbon volumes by Shueisha Dragonball Infinity (DB ∞) is Dragonball Spin-Off created by MakutaDethos, based on alternative time-line from main story, born from disturbances in past created by Demon Chronos. Story focuses under young Saiyan Girl Cili and her family and friends, as they adventure through time and space with.. Baby is a parasitic alien life-form from the anime Dragon Ball GT. He was created by combining the DNA of the Tuffle King with a robotic body. He is the first of the three arc villains in Dragon Ball GT and the main antagonist of the Baby Saga

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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, like its predecessor, despite being released under the Dragon Ball Z label, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 essentially touches upon all series installments of the Dragon Ball franchise, featuring numerous characters and stages set in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and numerous film adaptations of Z Apparently these multipliers don't matter. Just look at at Goku do Super Saiyan in the Android saga, apparently getting 10 times stronger, and Future Trunks along with Goku when he arrives on earth Hakai is an Alteration-type Mind Power Attack performed by God of Destruction Beerus. References ↑ Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, ↑ Dragon Ball Super Anime Episode 59, ↑ Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 1 Beerus (ビルス), also known as the God of Destruction Beerus (破壊神ビルス), is the main antagonist in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.A powerful, confident, and downright obsessive hothead, he is the God of Destruction within the Seventh Universe and, as such, his occupation is to maintain balance by destroying planets

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Dragon Ball AF Fanon Wiki Page Rules . Before you begin, please be aware of the rules of this wiki. Please add your pages to categories so that this wiki can remain as organized as possible Kiadás. Dragon Ball Super 2015. július 5-én kezdődik Japán-ban, a Fuji TV fogja sugározni. Torijama Akira mellett Tojotaró rajzolja a sorozat mangaadaptációját, ami a V-Jump-ban jelenik meg Welcome to the Wiki! Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z Role-Playing Wiki, <insert name here>! Here, you can create your own Dragon Ball character to train, fight, and roleplay with. Please, follow the Site Rules and have fun! Don't forget to read the Character Creation and Roleplaying page. You may start roleplaying once you have read and followed. Dragon Ball Arena Dragon Ball is an activity released as part of the Dragon Bash and reintroduced during Lunar New Year . Players can talk to Finolla in the Crown Pavilion to gain access to the arena

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Directory: Characters → Humans → Tournament fighters → Z Fighters support Chi-Chi (チチ, Chichi ) first appeared in Dragon Ball and is a main character in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. She is the wife of the main protagonist, Goku, the princess of Fire Mountain and the daughter of the Ox-King.. Bulma's brassiere measurement at the beginning of Dragon Ball is 34C. [16] In the manga and the 10th anniversary anime movie, Bulma has purple hair. In the anime, it was changed to light blue. Bulma has been food twice in her life: a carrot once in Dragon Ball, and candy once by Buu in Dragon Ball Z Chi-Chi (チチ, Chichi) is the princess of Fire Mountain and the daughter of the Ox-King who later marries Goku and becomes the loving mother of Gohan and Goten. She was first introduced as a shy and fearful girl, but later, as she gets older, develops a very tomboyish, tough and fierce..

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Dragon Ball trata básicamente sobre la lucha entre el bien y el mal. [45] Al principio, algunos de los personajes quieren reunir las siete Dragon Balls para pedir algún deseo personal, pero se enteran de que dichos objetos también son buscados por otros con fines malignos, lo cual les lleva a enfrentarse a ellos en más de una ocasión Dragon Ball (Japannees: ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル) is 'n Japannese manga-strokiesverhaal, geskryf en geïllustreer deur Akira Toriyama.Dit is oorspronklik tussen 1984-1995 in die Weekly Shonen Jump (Japannees: 週刊少年ジャンプ) gepubliseer

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Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee Dragon Ball est riche d'une galerie de nombreux personnages.L'apparition progressive de nouveaux personnages se fait souvent au détriment de plus anciens. Quelques-uns tiennent cependant une place importante dans toute l'histoire Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand Wiki Founded September 13 Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand Wiki is an encyclopedia of characteristics and entities in Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand game, created by SnakeWorl Dragon Ball (jap. ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru) ist die erste von drei Fernsehserien, die auf dem gleichnamigen Manga von Akira Toriyama basieren. Für die Erstausstrahlung im japanischen Fernsehen auf dem Fernsehsender Fuji TV vom 26

Bardzo często występuje w Serii Dragon Ball, natomiast w Dragon Ball Z jest tylko w urywkach, a w Dragon Ball GT pojawia się tylko na początku, by ponownie zdobyć smocze kule, co im się udaje, lecz wypowiedzieli złe życzenie. Jest również w jednej scenie, gdy Gokū zabiera wszystkich na planetę Tsuful, gdyż Ziemia ma być zniszczona Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime that originally aired in Japan from February 26, 1986 - April 12, 1989 on Fuji TV.It is based on the original manga series established by Akira Toriyama De eerste 16 albums zijn te zien in de televisieserie Dragon Ball, de laatste 26 delen zijn in Dragon Ball Z te zien. Dragon Ball GT is niet gebaseerd op de manga en Dragon Ball Kai is een HD-geremasterde versie van Dragon Ball Z, maar houdt zich volledig aan het plot uit de manga, zonder eigen zijsprongen. Dragon Ball (1986-1988 Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール Doragon Bōru?) è la prima serie anime tratta dal manga Dragon Ball di Akira Toriyama, nella quale vengono trasposti gli eventi che vanno dall'incontro fra Son Goku e Bulma alla sconfitta di Piccolo durante il 23º Torneo Tenkaichi, presenti nei primi 17 volumi del manga Dragon Ball Z se déroule cinq ans après le mariage de Son Goku et de Chichi, désormais parents de Son Gohan [2]. Raditz, un mystérieux guerrier extraterrestre, frère de Son Goku, arrive sur Terre pour retrouver Goku Dragon Ball Super: Broly se ubicó en el primer puesto en la taquilla de Japón durante el fin de semana del 14 al 16 de diciembre, vendiendo más de 820.000 entradas y recaudando más de 1.05 mil millones de yenes (unos 9.26 millones de dólares) en sus primeros tres días. [23] Once días después de su estreno, la película sumó una.